Slimming Services

Staying healthy and staying in shape is essential to lead an active life.


Slimming or staying in shape is easier said than done. In today's world, it is very testing to follow a regime. Unhealthy eating habits, a stress-filled life and a 'racing against time' routine- all these pose grave threats to your health. At D&A, we have a team of wellness experts who propose curated slimming services depending upon your individual needs.

Diet Counselling

Diet is no longer a ‘scare’ word. At D&A dieting doesn't mean giving up on your favourite nibbles. Neither does it mean starving or cutting down the quantity of food to the extreme! Dieticians at D&A focus on quality of food rather than quantity. We follow a slower and progressive approach, which can take care of nutrient deficiencies and support weight loss.

We consider the medical history and condition to make sure the diet plan ultimately leads to sustainable weight loss.

Regular Yoga

Stress is a major cause of diseases as it weakens both our body and mind. Practicing Yoga, as we all know has a very direct positive effect on reducing body stress levels.

With Yoga we offer our clients an opportunity to find inner balance, keep stress minimal and help in weight loss.

We have 3 batches from 6.00 am to 10.30 am. During the evening we have 2 batches from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm.

Regular Gym

World Health Organisation recommends 150 mins of moderate activity in a week. Depending upon the individual's physical condition and metabolism the workout sessions have to be customised.

At D&A, we help you take moderate workouts. It include cardio sessions, strengthening and toning sessions etc. depending upon the individual's body condition.

Our workout sessions are sustainable as there won't be bounce backs once you stop the sessions in future.

Body Therapy

To activate the process of weight loss, we have body therapy sessions, which help in fat loss, inch loss, toning and shaping.


Fat loss


Pain relief




Body shaping


Lymphatic drainage


Weight loss

Steam Room

We have a dedicated room to carry out body steaming that helps in slimming.

Figure Correction

In figure correction, the body parts are specifically focussed to achieve proper figure.

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